What to Wear for a Job Interview: Interview Dress Code for Men

By Anit Jyothi George
Updated On Jun 13, 2019

Prepare well. Because it is going to be the most important job interview of your life. Hold on. Are you going to wear proper attire for the interview? 

Interview Dress Code for Men

We've already seen the best interview attire for women. Now let's discuss some tips for men. 

Yes, first impression matters. Your physical attributes and clothing play an important part in a job interview. It describes your personality. The process of being interviewed is really stressful, no doubt. However, presenting yourself in style can reduce your anxiety to a great extent. Your appearance shows how poised, polished and prepared are you for the interview.

No matter if you are a recent graduate or a professional seeking a better job, the following guidelines are commonly accepted as interview-appropriate for all candidates.  

Corporate Interview Dress Code for Men

It's highly important to follow a formal dress code when you're called to attend an interview in a corporate office. No matter if it's a fresher position, mid-level or senior level. Formal outfits reflect the candidates' serious approach towards the interview and the company. 

Top and Bottom Wear: 

Formal Shirts: Lighter toned or solid-coloured shirts always work better in a corporate interview context. Long-sleeved shirts in bright white or a powder blue will do the trick. Plain shirt or micro-checked one can be considered. Best formal shirts for men are available here.

Suits: Employers will imagine you being part of the company while assessing your professional appearance. A formal suit is ideal to wear. If not suit, the candidate can also wear a blazer on the top of the formal shirt. If it's a suit or a blazer, pick from colours like navy blue, black, dark grey etc. Check here for men's suits and blazers.

Trousers/Pants: Pick dark-coloured pants in black, navy blue or grey colour. You can choose a slim-fit chino or a medium fit or regular fit trousers in a plain colour. Men's trousers are available at best price


Shoes and Socks: Play it safe. A pair of formal shoes and plain cotton socks that match with your trousers will complete your look. While picking the shoes, go for colours like tan or black. Opt for dark shades of socks to complement your suit or trousers. Check here for formal shoes for men and socks for men.

Other Accessories: 

Belt: If the pants have belt loops, don't forget to wear a belt. It should match with your outfit, shoes, and bag. Select from colours like black, brown, or dark blue. 

Tie: Wear a tie to complete your formal look. Remember, do not wear a slim or extra wide tie. Wear a standard-sized one. Avoid flashy ties. Choose a colour that complements your shirt. 

Watch: A quality watch is a great addition to your overall look. 

Bag: Unlike fancy bags, carry a small laptop bag or a briefcase to carry your essential documents. 


  • Do not experiment with new styles.
  • Get your normal haircut from your usual barber. Avoid deep hair colour. 
  • Get good sleep.
  • Be freshly showered. 
  • Have well-brushed teeth and fresh breath.
  • Wear clean and pressed clothes.
  • Avoid loud colours and prints. 
  • Use a mild deodorant. Do not wear a strong fragrance
  • Get your beard trimmed or clean shaved. 
  • Keep your nails clean and trimmed. 
  • Do not smoke before the interview.
  • Avoid chewing gums during the interview. 


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