Top 10 Ideas for Adventure Travellers in India

By Anit Jyothi George
Updated On Jun 13, 2019

Where to go on the next vacation? You must have so many choices, right? Venturing out from the comfort zone during a life-changing trip may be the best thing one would ever experience!

Top Adventure Destinations in India

When you are ready to leave your comfort zone, adventure activities give you more fun. It's no surprise that adventure trips are on the rise, as the travellers seek to explore the world with meaningful experiences - a transformative moment in anyone's life.

Have you ever thought of considering an adventure trip, to go away from the daily grind of life? Or, are you planning your dream adventure holiday? Adventure getaways are the latest trend in the travel industry.

Endowed with beautiful destinations and travel opportunities, India is the land of the best tourist-friendly destination in the world. The travellers have a plethora of adventure trip options in the country. Take a look at the best adventure destinations in India.

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1. Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir is a small village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing is a popular adventure tourism destination in the state for events including paragliding and trekking. It's the safest destination for paragliding in India with the take-off site Billing and the landing site Bir.

Known as the paragliding capital of India, Bir Billing is rightfully considered as the heaven for paragliders. The most wonderful adventure sport allows tourists to fulfill their most-longing fantasy of flying by themselves. Bir took its name to international fame, hosting the first paragliding world cup in 2015.

2. White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh

White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh

Being one of the holiest pilgrimage places in India, Rishikesh also holds the distinction of the best adventure travel destinations in the country in every aspect. Nestled in the northern state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh has a special mention for river adventure, especially white water rafting.

Adventure enthusiasts should definitely give a try to the Rishikesh river rafting in River Ganges once in their lives, which is the ultimate life-changing experience one can ever have. The river rafting generally undertakes in four stretches - Brahampuri to Rishikesh (9 km), Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16 km), Marine Drive to Rishikesh (24 km), and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36 km).

3. Scuba Diving in Andaman Islands

Scuba Diving in Andaman Islands

Simply watching aquariums is an incredibly relaxing experience, right? Then imagine how delighting it would be to watch an underwater ecosystem physically. Andaman & Nicobar Islands offer the best scuba diving opportunities other than enjoying seafood delicacies and roaming around.

In Andaman, Havelock Island is known for scuba diving. The diver can see amazing underwater life including colorful corals, beautifully patterned fishes, seabed gardens and lot more in serene underwater. Whether you're an expert diver or a beginner, Andaman gives you the best memorable scuba diving experience.

4. Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Chadar Trek in Ladakh

There's no other trekking experience in the Himalayas like Chadar Trek in Ladakh. One of the most thrilling treks in the world, the adventure seeker would get the best opportunity to explore the frozen Zanskar valley. The Frozen River Trek, most commonly Chadar Trek,  is one of the most challenging trekking event unfolding the mysterious beauty of the Himalayas.

The Zanskar river freezes during winters. The winter walking over the blanket of frozen Zanskar River under the extreme weather conditions is one of the longest trekking trails in the Indian Himalayan region, which takes almost 9 chilly days. During the trekking journey, the trekkers will have to walk over the ice sheet formed with overnight stay at campsites.

5. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Avid thrill-seekers will definitely love to head for jumping off a bridge. Perhaps the most unique and adrenaline induced activity, jumping from heights becomes an unforgettable thing one would ever do. Bungee Jumping is one of the most popular adventure sports in Rishikesh.

Located in Mohan Chatti with name Jumpin Heights, this bungee jumping is currently India's Highest Bungy, at a height of 83 meters. It offers the safest bungee jumping in India, and the jumping is done from a fixed platform, operated by a highly experienced team from New Zealand. One can try bungee jumping, giant swing and flying fox at Jumpin Heights. All these activities are designed to give the explorer an amazing adventure experience.

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur

Just like sailing on the sea as per the direction of the wind, so is the ride on a hot air balloon. You don't need to try extreme adventure sporting activities to enjoy that electrifying experience. Hot Air Ballooning in Jaipur allows you to enjoy a unique and different perspective of nature while appreciating the panoramic landscapes.

Lasting for an hour flying over palaces, forts, and lakes, the hot air ballooning in the Pink City gives you a chance to enjoy a bird's eye view of the largest city in Rajasthan. These rides are generally arranged either in the early mornings or post noon as the wind is quite favourable during these times.

7. Bike Trip from Manali to Leh

Bike Trip from Manali to Leh

A bike trip from Manali to Leh is counted among the best breathtaking experience for all adventure seekers. Imagine riding across the valleys through a never-ending road, passing majestic mountains, lakes and landscapes. Is it not an awe-inspiring experience? Manali to Leh bike trip is such a wonderful adventure in the Himalayan region. 

One of the most celebrated adventure bike trips ever, Manali-Leh bike safari connects two northernmost states - Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir - covering several villages. The bike expedition starts at Manali, and then continues to high altitude streets including Khardung La (5359 meters). There are several stopovers and much more. The hairpin bends will leave the riders awestruck. It's not possible to explain the expedition until the rider reaches the destination city, Leh. 

8. Caving in Meghalaya 

Caving in Meghalaya 

The North-Eastern state Meghalaya is bestowed with several natural bounties that attract hordes of tourists from different parts of the country. With great tourism potential, the state is home to extraordinary diversity. Other than exploring the beauty and tranquility, Meghalaya also emphasizes on adventure tourism including trekking, caving, and water sports. 

Meghalaya Caving is the most happening adventure activity one can ever undertake. Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills are the two popular hills blessed with adventurous caves. Nestled among the waterfalls and lush green forests, these caves will surely enthrall the adventure seekers. Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills District is claimed as the longest cave (30,957 meters) in India. 

9. Rock Climbing in Satpura  

Rock Climbing in Satpura  

There's no wonder rock climbing becomes highly popular in India. With mighty Himalaya Range, Purvanchal Range, Vindhya-Satpura Range, Aravally Range, Western Ghats, and the Eastern Ghats, India has an unbeatable topography to engage in hill climbing adventure activities. Satpura Range in Madhya Pradesh is a perfect zone for rock climbing. 

In Satpura Range, Pachmarhi is apt for rocking and other trekking activities. The place is lined with several sedimentary rocks in different shapes and heights, making a challenging experience for the climber. This is definitely a victorious experience once the climber reaches on top of the rock passing many hurdles on the way. 

10. Windsurfing in Goa 

Windsurfing in Goa 

Goa is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in India. Being home for exquisite beaches, one cannot even think of Goa without those adventurous watersports. Kayaking, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, white water rafting, wind scooters, windsurfing, water skiing, kite surfing, flyboarding - there are many options to enjoy a fabulous holiday in Goa.

Among all watersports, windsurfing offers the adventure junkies a challenging experience associated with the combination of sailing and surfing. The rider has to stand on the board and firmly hold the sail. The rider goes along the changing direction of the wind. The activity requires a brilliant balancing power to stand on the board. Dona Paula Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Vagator Beach, Calangute, Colva, Palolem, Miramar, Baga Beach, etc are considered to be the best places for windsurfing in Goa. 


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