Top 10 best-selling toys for kids below 2 years

By dharma teja
Updated On Sep 28, 2018

As parents and elders, we all come across a situation where we have to gift toys to babies. Babies learn from surroundings – by observing, hearing etc. The age from one to two years is very important because it is the stage where the roots for their cognitive development gets initiated. At this age gifting kid with the best educational toys on their birthdays or any occasion will help them a lot. Let’s have a look at some of the best toys and ideas for babies from three months to 2 years of age.

Parents should be particular about choosing toys for their beloved babies. Choose gifts that help kids learn and analyze. Till six months, parents have to concentrate on diapering, feeding, and protection. Experts say it is between 6- 7 months, a baby starts babbling.

If you find your babies saying "ma-ma, ba-ba", then it’s time you have to concentrate on their communication and expression. Kids start reasoning at the age of one and two years. Giving babies best toys like a roll & play games, noggin stick, kids & toddler music band, learning walkers, play school toys, educational play kits etc., would help them learn and understand easily.

If you are pondering what to buy on a 2-year-old birthday, then here are the 10 great gift ideas that inspire your little learners to become great thinkers.

1. Interactive Learning Block Train

After six months of age, a baby starts babbling, and after 12 months the baby starts to understand and pronounce. At this age, children need educational toys, something like the toy shown here. This is an educational all-in-one learning musical toy. This musical block train has multi learning features. It is made exclusively from fine ABS plastic. It is 100% non-toxic for kids. You can let your kids spend hours of playing with this beautiful train blocks without the fear of breaking.

  • Educational all-in-1 learning toy
  • Promotes curiosity building and visual stimuli
  • Promotes hearing stimuli and touch sensations

Deal Price: 999.00 | M.R.P: 1,999.00 Shop Here


2. TanMan ABC and 123 Learning Kids Laptop with LED Display and Music

In this computer world, it is necessary to understand the functioning of a computer. Let your child have a first look at the structure of a computer. Gift your kid with an educational computer. This attractive and easy to carry an educational computer with a small LED screen. It is made of 100% safe plastic. Using this computer, you child can learn numbers from 1 to 10 with English alphabets. They learn words, listen to songs and melodies and much more. This is an ideal toy for your child’s all round development.

  • Great educational toy for kids
  • Your child can learn numbers and alphabets
  • Your kid can learn words, listen to songs and melodies

Deal Price: 359.00 Shop Here


3. Fisher Price Monster Truck

Have you ever observed that almost all toys are available in a motor form with wheels? Do you know the reason? With motor toys, kids crawl or walk after moving toys, it will stimulate the sensory organs of the baby, which in turn develops baby’s cognitive skills. This is a press-n-go monster truck toy. Babies enjoy it, when they press down monster’s head, the truck zooms forward.

  • Very entertaining & fun toy for your kid
  • Improves babies cognitive senses
  • Baby discovers the relation between cause and effect

Deal Price: 999.00 | M.R.P: 1,009.00 Shop Here


4. Royal Blue Maxtrem Baby Walker

Baby starts to stand on his or her feet at six months of age. As your baby is learning to walk, some physical aid might help. Of course, it’s a baby walker. Tiffy & Toffee brings you a royal blue baby walker. As you all know, a baby walker has various benefits, it gives freedom for the baby to move around. A wide base is provided to ensure the safety of the child. It suits kids between 0 to 2 years old.

  • 360° Swivel wheels with a wide base
  • 3 position height adjustment
  • Washable padded seat

Deal Price: 1,393.00 | M.R.P.:1,699.00 Shop Here


5. 2 In 1 Beauty Play Set & Chair For Your Little Princess

Let your little angel understand the need to stay neat in this modern world. Let your child understand all the components in a facial kit. This is a brand new version of beauty play set from Toys Bhoomi. All the tools like hair dryer, brush, lipstick, perfume bottle, jewelry are present in an easy-to-store and carry kit. This will stimulate the essence of beauty and care in your baby’s imagination. This beauty kit serves a dual purpose – both as a beauty play kit and endless fun while playing.

  • Hairdryer, brush, lipstick, perfume bottle, jewelry included
  • Keeps children busy for many hours of fun
  • Fashion beauty salon playset for little girls

Deal Price: 1,299.00 | M.R.P: 1,199.00 | Shop Here


6. Wonderkart Kick And Play Musical Piano Gym With Hanging Toys

Wonderkart Kick And Play Musical Piano Gym With Hanging Toys


  • Three ways to Exercise Methods:
  • 3M Baby at three months can lie down and play
  • 6M Six months can creep and play
  • 9M Nine months can sit down and play
  • Music rewards baby as he/she kicks the piano keys
  • Soft & comfy mat

Deal Price: Rs. 1,998.00 | M.R.P: Rs. 2,499.00 Shop Here


7. 2 In 1 Doctors Play Set & Chair - Dentist Trunk

You know that kids love to explore adult’s careers and they play the same career. They often play teacher-student, doctor-patient, police-thief etc. Here is an exclusive doctor play set with a dentist chair and trunk. This is a perfect presentation to your child to play the doctor’s role. This doctor’s play kit will give your baby hours and hours of enjoyment. All the toy tools are made from safe plastic.


  • Improve children's intelligence, imagination, and creativity
  • 12 different medical tools included
  • Lots of little tasks to do

Deal Price: 1,299.00 | M.R.P: 1,999.00 Shop Here


8. Ultra Kuddles Brown Bull Dog

This is an irresistible cute & soft toy from Ultra, a brand well-known for toys. This toy is made out of a non-toxic polyester fabric of good quality. The cushion and softness of the toy make your kid happy. The filling inside is made from excellent poly-staple & conjugate fiber. The toy is appropriate for machine or hand wash.

  • Irresistible cuddly cute soft toy
  • Made from good quality material
  • Length : 46 cms & Height : 15 cms

Deal Price: 449.00 | M.R.P: 798.00 Shop Here


9. Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Press and Go Crocodile

This is a classic press-and-go action toy. When the child presses the small button on the crocodile’s back, it will roll into motion. The chomping jaw action rewards the child with fun. This crocodile toy is a sturdy one. It can withstand all the breaks and dismantles. The toy suits the kids from six months of age and above. This toy can be preferred if you want your kid's toys to work longer.

  • Chomping jaw action
  • Exciting Press and Go action
  • Very beautiful and sturdy toy

Deal Price: 1,499.00 Shop Here


10. WE-Blink Wooden Pull Along Telephone Multi-function Toy

WE-Blink Wooden Pull Along Telephone Multi function Toy


  • Helps baby to understand size relationships
  • Introduces colors and letters
  • Helps develop sensory skills

Deal Price: 1,399.00 | M.R.P: 1,599.00 Shop Here


Gift-Ideas that are not toys

Toys scattered around the living room is a common scene in all the households with children. As a parent, it is a continuous fight. If you feel like your kid has too many toys, you can try some non-toy gift ideas. These gift ideas will be better used for the children who are three years and above of age.

1. Classes. Classes are a splendid way to encourage kids. Drawing, music, singing, dance, riding, skating are some ideas. This will help children to know their talents and interests.

2. Books.  Yes! Gift your children with books having a lot of pictures and illustrations. For example Panchatantra classic tales – such books engage children in reading and learning.

3. Cooking. It’s not easy to prepare a delicious meal. Let your kids learn skills in cooking, baking etc. Give them some recipe books, purchase all the ingredients and set a date and ask them to prepare with you.  After all, kids love cooking with their parents.

4. Events. Let your kids organize your family events under your supervision. Let it be a movie, birthday celebration, a family event etc. Ask them to come up with ideas. This makes children understand real-life situations.

5. Clothes.  As young adults, children only have a certain amount of clothes. Let them learn the dressing styles of different cultures. Let them analyze the style that fits their choice – western clothes, superhero, fancy dresses, etc.

This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to Dtalks, and you will get all the updates about toys. If you find any of the deals useful, like, share and subscribe. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Comment in the space below 


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