Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Shavers and Beard Trimmers for Men

By dharma teja
Updated On May 04, 2018

You are the expert, when it comes to personalizing your style. You know better, what style suits you. When was the last time you invested in really a good electric shaver or a trimmer? Or you might already be having a perfect shave. Either way, here you will come to know the best-selling electric razors. Just rock your style!

Electric Trimmers are intuitively designed to comfortably trim and shape your beard. Now get ready for any occasion in just a couple of minutes. Moreover, the performance of a trimmer matters a lot. Here we present you a list of top 10 and best-selling trimmers for men.

1. Philips Battery Operated Body Groomer, Black

This electric groomer is different from the remaining shavers, it looks just like a regular razor. It guards your skin while trimming as close as 0.5mm.

M.R.P.: Rs. 1,495.00 | Price Rs. 1,299.00 | You Save Rs. 196.00 |   Click here to buy.

Skin Protection

  • Works on 3 AA batteries, non-chargeable
  • Seamlessly trims hair in both directions
  • Comfortably trim longer hair using the 3mm comb.

Easy to use

  • Easy to clean and use in or out of the shower.
  • Easily store your body groomer wherever you want
  • No need to replace the blades

2. Philips Aquatouch Electric Shaver

This electric shaver is designed to give a smooth cut with a refreshing shave. Now stop worrying about damaging your skin. 

M.R.P.: Rs. 2,695.00 | Price Rs. 2,320.00  | You Save Rs. 375.00 |   Click here to buy.  

Aquatec Wet & Dry:

  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Close Cut blades glide gently for a smooth, close cut

Cordless use

  •  30 shaving minutes, 10-hour charge
  • Pop-up trimmer: perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

3. Braun BG5010 Wet/Dry Body Groomer for Men (Black)

  • For a perfectly groomed look for your whole body
  • For the smoothest clean shave without nicks and cuts

M.R.P.: Rs. 4,095.00 | Price Rs. 3,481.00  |  You Save Rs. 614.00  |   Click here to buy.  

4. Philips Aquatouch S5050/06 Electric Shaver

This aqua-touch electric shaver gives you two options to shave, either you can shave or trim. You can also choose how you prefer to shave. With the Aquatec seal, you can shave wet – with gel or foam – even under the shower.

Skin protection system

  • 100 percent waterproof
  • 5-direction flex heads
  • ComfortCut Blades for a protective shave

Precision Trimmer

  • 30 shaving minutes, 8-hour charge
  • Perfect for sideburns and mustache
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

M.R.P.: Rs. 4,995.00  | Price Rs. 3,359.00  |   You Save Rs. 1,636.00  |   Click here to buy.  


5. Nova NAS 730 Aqua 4D Wet and Dry Shaver (Black)


This product from Nova has an exclusive battery backup. Just charge it for 8 hours, and you can use it for twice a week. 

  • 4 D Aqua Tech Shaver
  • Precision Trimmer For Sideburns And Mustache
  • Flex And Float Technology, Adjust To Every Curve Of Face And Neck
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 12. 60 mins Run time On One Charge

M.R.P.: Rs. 2,995.00  |  Price Rs. 1,599.00 |  You Save Rs. 1,396.00  |    Click here to buy. 

6. Panasonic ER307 Men's Trimmer 

  • Rechargeable
  • No need to worry about charging - Cord/Cordless use
  • Washable
  • Japanese blade technology
  • Washable trimmer with length setting of 0.2 - 1.8 cm in 12 steps
  • Stainless steel blades

M.R.P.: Rs. 1,995.00   |  Price Rs. 1,549.00  |   You Save Rs. 446.00  |  Click here to buy. 


7. Buy Syska Acusharp Reciprocating Shaver and Nose Hair Trimmer

Syska is known for its technology, this shaver has also a provision for trimming your nose hair. Triple head gives high precision ultra-thin 360 degree shaving system. So, now style up without any hassles.

  • Includes SHR626 acusharp reciprocating hair shaver
  • Includes nt7806 nose hair trimmer
  • Precise and sharp shaving system of acusharp shaver
  • Nose hair trimmer comes with three dimensional arch cutter
  • Rechargeable shaver with pop up trimmer
  • 2 years warranty

M.R.P.: Rs. 2,998.00   |  Price Rs. 2,399.00   |   You Save Rs. 599.00   |     Click here to buy. 

9. Braun Multi Groom Shaver MG5090 - Shave, Trim & Style

  • Shaver and trimmer with three attachments for ultimate versatility
  • 100% waterproof for in-shower use
  • Powerful Ni-MH batteries provide 30 mins of cordless trimming
  • Extra wide shaver head with flexible SmartFoil for a smooth and clean shave in few strokes

M.R.P.: Rs. 5,795.00   |  Price Rs. 4,726.00   | You Save Rs. 1,069.00  |     Click here to buy. 

10. Nova NHT 1020 Trimmer For Men  (Black)

  • Cordless Trimmer
  • 1 Speed Settings
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

M.R.P.: Rs. 1,495.00   |   Price Rs. 599.00   |   You Save Rs. 1,069.00  |   Click here to buy. 

All the above-listed trimmers are excluisvely handpicked. These stunning deals are worth its price. If you find this article useful share and subscribe, or if you have any better option let your friends know. Comment in the space below.


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