Top 10 “Striking” Accessories and Deals, All under Rs. 199!

By dharma teja
Updated On Nov 28, 2018

Hi folks, you read it right! The top 10 striking and useful products and accessories you can have just for Rs. 199/-. In a world where everything costs a fortune, we have found 10 best accessories for you. These products are really stylish and are worth your money. Go through the below-listed deals and we are sure you’re going to like them all.

1. Fidget Spinner

Let your creativity be exposed to your surroundings, don’t let your nervousness suppress your talents. This fidget spinner is, for the creative genius lying inside your soul. Bring out your potential, expose your spirit wherever you are and whatever you do. This fidget spinner is available from Premsons is perfect for fidgeters. It is highly durable and smooth to rotate. It is great for anxiety, ADHD, autism, quit smoking, staying awake on long car drives, etc.

Fidget Spinner

M.R.P. Rs. 599.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 175.00 | You Save Rs. 424.00 | Click here to buy

2. Adivis Rfid Credit Card Holder For Women Or Men

Adivis Rfid Credit Card Holder For Women Or Men

As we use plastic currency like credit cards and debit cards, it is more important to protect from being damaged. And most of us use a wallet or a purse, even then there is a chance that your cards get wet in rain or due to sweat. And that is exactly why they have invented credit card wallets! Get yourself a beautiful and unique Credit Card Wallet. This wallet is made from Aluminum and has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking feature. Designed to be stylish for both men and women, this stylish wallet has six expandable pockets to fit 10 to 12 cards.

M.R.P. Rs. 599.00 | Deal Price. Rs.137.00  | You Save Rs. 462.00 | Click here to buy

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Back Case Cover

This mobile cover is exclusively designed for Redmi Note 5 Pro, yet fits all the mobiles with the same dimensions. This cover is easy to mount and is flexible to remove. The transparent model maintains the feel of the phone. With its transparency, it retains the original texture and looks of the mobile.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Back Case Cover

M.R.P: Rs. 999.00 | Deal Price: Rs.149.00 | You Save Rs: 850.00    Click here to buy.

4. UV Protected Wayfarer Blue Lens Unisex Sunglasses 

UV Protected Wayfarer Blue Lens Unisex Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are what makes a man or a woman look gorgeous. This is premium style goggles designed to be stylish. Show off your mark in style with this exclusively designed shape and model. Black is a color that suits any dress combination when you want to flaunt your style in a party next time, go with these glasses. Go for a medium size frame because it suits 98% of Indian faces.

M.R.P: Rs. 1,499.00 | Deal Price. Rs.199.00 | You Save Rs. 1,300.00 | Click here to buy

5. Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men

Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men

A decent and fair body spray from Fogg, this is both a body spray and a body perfume. Fogg is known for its gas less sprays, unlike other aerosols, this Fogg Macro Body spray is fully liquid based and lasts longer. This spray gives you a maximum of 800 sprays.
•    Soothing experience throughout the day
•    Ensures you 800 sprays
•    Consists of refreshing
•    Long lasting fragrance

M.R.P. Rs. 230.00 | Deal Price. Rs.172.00 | You Save Rs: 52.00 | Click here to buy

6. Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume

Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume

Axe is one of the best sellers in perfumes segment and known for its enticing fragrances with 3 times more perfumes. This Signature range collection from Axe is extremely masculine and creates a manly ambiance around you. This sensual and bold fragrance gives off a heady & strong whiff. Wherever you go, steal the day with this aroma because your fragrance speaks volumes about your manly personality. Smells woody with a fresh fragrance.

M.R.P: Rs. 190.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 180.00 | You Save Rs. 10.00 | Click here to buy

7.  Curren 8152 Watch - For Men

Curren 8152 Watch - For Men
This is an analog watch from Curren, a name known for quality. The Curren brand presents a wide variety of watches for all ages and generations. All its watches are exclusively designed for those who love fashion and trends. Next time when you want to present your child with a gift, select this premium watch. This is a perfect match to be gifted. It is water-resistant. Though it looks simple it exhibits charm and quality. Crafted with quality material, it is less in weight and grabs everyone’s attention.

M.R.P: Rs. 899.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 153.00 | You Save Rs. 746.00 | Click here to buy

8. Birdy Outdoor Mens Sandal & Floaters

The perfectly designed for easiness, these casual sandals for men are from Birdy. With easiness of lightweight, flexibility, and comfortability. Birdy introduced a globally liked sandals for youth. The size is adjustable and the price is also affordable. As the footwear is durable and less-weight, get ready to take on challenges with energy. For men/boys who want to rock every occasion, this is perfect for every occasion.

Birdy Outdoor Sandal Mens Sandal and Floaters

M.R.P: Rs. 499.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 179.00 | You Save Rs. 320.00 | Click here to buy

9. Azotic Mens Black & White Synthetic Leather Slip-On Casual Shoes

Slip-Ons are the most casual footwear we use daily. Azotic, a brand known for fashion and cost-effective prices bring innovative designs imbibed with creativity in this productions. This product is a pair of leather Slip-On with a globally inspired unique black & white design. Each pair is ultra-light and easy to carry. Also, these slip-on are durable and comfortable. Grab a pair of slip-on and get ready to challenge any occasion.

Azotic Mens Black & White Synthetic Leather Slip-On Casual Shoes

M.R.P: Rs. 499.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 199.00 | You Save Rs. 300.00 | Click here to buy

10. Universal Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin for Laptop

We often use our laptops while eating or drinking, sometimes we spill water on Laptops. Protect your laptop from water and other drinks by using a keyguard. This is a Universal Silicone Keyboard Protector Key-guard Skin cover for 15.6 Inch Laptop. With this Laptop keyboard protector, your laptop remains protected against any wear and tear, spillage etc. With a transparent color, it retains the original texture and looks of the keyboard.

M.R.P: Rs. 199.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 99.00 | You Save Rs. 100.00 | Click here to buy

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