Top 10 Amazing Products You Can Shop Online under Rs. 99/-

By dharma teja
Updated On Nov 29, 2018

A knife cannot do a needle’s work, similarly, a needle cannot serve a knife’s purpose. There are some products that mean a lot, without which life is not easier.

Such products may be priced less, but these products do a lot of work. Such products do not require so much money to be spent on, within Rs.100/- you will find amazing things, let it bottles, stationery or office supplies, accessories and sports from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and eBay etc. Here in this article, we have listed the best products you can shop online for just Rs. 99/-. Shop through the given links to find the amazing Rs.99/- store.

1. Quantum Mouse (Black)

Quantum Mouse (Black)

If you want to replace your old mouse with a new performance-packed alternative, this is the best chance. Now you can buy a mouse which can enhance your productivity, check out this Quantum QHM222 Mouse. Its features include:

  • Application Desktop/Notebook
  • compatible with Microsoft, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Lights Optional
  • Resolution 400/800/1000 DPI
  • USB interface

M.R.P: Rs. 250.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 85.00 | You Save Rs. 165.00 | Click here to buy from Amazon

2. Flexible Portable Mount Stand Holder for iPad & Android Smartphones

This Thumbs-up design is a mobile holder, it allows smartphones, tablets to be mounted freely. Easy watching movies in cars, restaurants and dining table is now possible with this flexible holder. It is expandable and adjustable with all smartphones and tablets. This is durable, longer lasting and good in toughness as it is made from EVA plastic. The hand shaped holder is designed in such a way that you can view images, documents, movies both in landscape and portrait modes on your smartphones.

M.R.P: Rs. 499.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 135.00 | You Save Rs. 364.00 | Click here to buy from Amazon

3. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

This the best product you can buy for just Rs. 99/-, the Kaspersky Internet Security blocks dangerous links, apps, websites and malware from attacking your mobiles. This has a provision that stops unwanted texts and calls. With strong protection mechanism, you can safeguard your privacy even when the phone is lost. It provides all-around protection against phishing attempts, ransomware attacks, malware, and wipers.

M.R.P: Rs.365.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 155.00.00 | You Save Rs. 210.00 | Click here to buy this product

4. Lakme Insta Eye Liner, Black

Give the outline of your eyes a dazzling look with this Black Lakme Insta Eye Liner. Its water-resistant formula maintains the spark even in sweat and water. The deep intense color is easy to apply and it dries fast. The smooth brush helps you to define the outline of your eyes perfectly. Altogether this is the best daily wear eyeliner and travel-friendly eyeliner.

M.R.P: Rs. 120.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 84.00 | You Save Rs. 36.00 | Click here to buy this product

5. Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash


Himalaya’s products are known for its herbal characteristics and this face is inclusive. Exclusively made from Aloe Vera, this formulation is a soap-free. It regenerates lost moisture from your skin after every wash by removing dry and dead. Also, designed to fight pimples.

M.R.P: Rs. 117.00 | Deal Price: 96.00 | You Save Rs. 21.00 | Click here to buy this product

6. Fidget Spinner Multicolor

When we feel a tension, we fidget, fidgeting is part of our lives. Fidget spinners reduce stress and anxiety. This simple toy is a great toy for fidgeters, anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits and staying awake. This spinner is available from Infibeam and is made by CallOne, this is ultra-durable to ensure smooth rotation. This is easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun.

M.R.P: Rs. 499.00 | Deal Price: Rs 64.00 | You Save Rs. 435.00 | Click here to buy this product

7. Handpicked book for children: The Diary of a Young Girl

“The Diary of a Young Girl” is one of the best selection of finest books for children and is also recommended by experts. The sufferance of the Jews during the World War II is known to all; how intolerance and racism of Nazis impacted lives of Jewish people. This is the story of a young Jewish girl who lived in Frankfurt, Germany but had to escape to Amsterdam with fellow Jews and go into hiding, as the Nazis took over Europe.

Book Description from Amazon:

“The Diary of A Young Girl deserves a read by everyone who has ever questioned mental strength of humans and also by those who cannot come to terms with the cruelties that could be inflicted by humans upon fellow humans.”

M.R.P: Rs. 150.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 75.00 | You Save Rs. 75.00 (Paper Back) | Click here to buy the book

8. Logitech Mouse Pad (Blue)

Anti- Slip mouse pad from Logitech is just available for Rs. 98 from Amazon. Helps you to move your mouse freely without slipping

M.R.P: Rs. 99.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 98.00 | You Save Rs. 1.00 | Click here to buy the mousepad

9. Portable Flexible USB LED Light Lamp

This LED light lamp is handy and can be carried anywhere, it weighs as low as 9 gm profile. This lamp comes with a USB input which can be connected to Laptops, USB chargers. Gives you sufficient light to read your content or type on the keyboard with comfort At 1.2 W power-input, the LED Light Lamp lives on a meager energy intake and helps to cut down your bills. Its pocket-friendly price makes it more adorable.

M.R.P: Rs. 95.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 82.00 | You Save Rs. 13.00 | Click here to buy the light lamp

10. Daisy Double Mixed Flower Seeds

If you have imagination, knowledge, experience, and passion for nature, grow your own garden, plant variety of plants make your garden rejuvenate with new life. Here we present you flower seeds. These seeds are selected by a team of Creative Farmers. Decorate your interiors with splendid flowers teeming in different colors. With these flowers seeds, you can enhance your office space into a lively space.

M.R.P: Rs. 249.00 | Deal Price: Rs. 99.00 | You Save Rs. 150.00 | Click here to buy the flower seeds

Even though these products cost less, they make a significant impact on our lives. There many other valuable products that are available under Rs. 99/-. Stay tuned to Dtalks, to get best deals under Rs. 99/-. If you find this article useful, share and subscribe to our newsletter. Let your friends know your comments on this article. Comment in the space below.


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