Smartwatches 2018: Top 10 Best Android Smartwatches under Rs.2000/-

By dharma teja
Updated On Sep 24, 2018

No doubt traditional watches are a symbol of professionalism! But, the times change, so the trends do. With innovations in science and technology, many advancements are being introduced into all domains. The development of a digital watch has reached its pinnacle with the recent incorporations, which has led to the development of Smartwatches. These hand-wearables are far more than a regular digital watch. With many feature built-in, smartwatches have become the trend of the recent time and have become a sign of civility.

 Top 10 Best Android Smartwatches under Rs.2000/- in 2017

In this digital world, everything is online, all devices are interconnected, then how about your digital watch? With many features like heart rate sensors, SMS sync reminders & notifications, Bluetooth, internet connectivity, music players, call functions, water-resistant and Wi-Fi etc. Don’t worry about the price! All these features now available at affordable prices. Below-listed deals are the best top10 Smartwatches.

1. Bingo U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is the best smartwatch available right now with all the specifications. Bingo U8 SmartWatch has a square shaped digital display with touch screen facility. The dial display pattern is designed strongly with latest technological advancements. Bingo smart watches deliver more capability and reliability to keep the watch more responsive all the time.

  • Model & Design: Bingo U8 is made from highly durable and quality plastic material with a beautiful leather strap. It is a square-shaped display with rounded corners to give it a more elegant look.
  • Round the clock working: Bingo has got a good battery backup, now you can keep track of all your health issues, daily reminders, get call and SMS notifications – all at your fingertips.
  • Notifications: It has got all the features to be called a smartwatch Call Functions, Bluetooth, Phonebook etc. It provides everything you need to be updated with.

M.R.P Rs. 1,499.00 | Deal Price Rs. 699.00 |  Click here to buy.

2. Android/iOS Compatible Smartwatch

This is the best Smartwatch you can have this season, it has got all the reasons to be called as the best-seller. This Smartwatch works in two modes: one is company mode and the other is Network mode. In company mode, you can operate it with Bluetooth, where you can call, receive a call, send and receive messages. In Network mode, you have to insert a SIM Card to enable the gadget to make calls and SMS. This means that your watch works really as a cell phone, now you can hang out without your mobile.

Lots of features:

  • Sleep Monitor, Bluetooth Dialer
  • Call Reminder, Bluetooth Call, Bluetooth SMS/IM Message
  • WeChat, Twitter, Facebook
  • Time, schedule, read message or news;


  • Processor: 533MHz processor
  • SIM: Single Micro SIM card, can be used over phone frequencies.
  • MP3 & MP4 and Camera support
  • Sports health: Pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring

Deal Price Rs. 899.00 | Click here to buy.

3. Influx GT08 Bluetooth Smartwatch

This marvel from Influx is exquisitely designed to suit all your requirements. The first feature that attracts us is the beautiful display, the capacitive full-color display with stylish faces. You can call or answer all your calls from your wrist. if can also see the caller ID if you sync the contact information through a Bluetooth connection.


  • 1.54-inch smooth touch screen for your easy operation
  • Operating System: Android 4.3
  • Expandable Memory: 32 GB
  • Primary Camera: 1.3 MP

Bluetooth mode:

  • For Android system, it supports anti-lost, phone book, Fundo, remote camera and notification push including email, calls, Facebook & Twitter.
  • For IOS system, it supports music player, hands-free/making calls. Sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, remote camera, music player, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, web browser are waiting for you to discover and experience.
  • For iPhone, it only supports partial functions including Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Stopwatch, Music player, Hands-free, etc.

M.R.P Rs. 4,999.00 | Deal Price Rs. 1,090.00 | Click here to buy.

4. Android Samsung HTC and IOS Apple iPhone Compatible Smartwatch

Phone function: It has got a dedicated SIM slot with support to make and answer your calls through Bluetooth.  You can also sync the contacts of your smartphone to your watch to access all your contacts.

Sync function: You can sync your watch with Twitter, Facebook etc. As usual all the time, schedule, timer functions are common. You can also read a message or news. This unique watch has a support for entertainment with MP3 and MP4 players, also it has got a primary camera.

Classic and customizable style: its appearance resembles style, the smooth curved shaped sides in gold highlights its appearance.

M.R.P: 1,999.00 | Deal Price Rs. 1,199.00 | Click here to buy.

5. Jm Black Smart Watch with Call Function

This SmartWatch enables you to take a step ahead into the world of technology. This SmartWatch has got a square touch screen and a dial shape. The classic style makes it a must-have smartwatch of all time. It works in two different modes, one is Bluetooth Mode where access your smartphone to connect calls, disconnect, send and get messages notifications through a Bluetooth feature, and the other is SIM enabling-mode where you directly insert SIM Card to the Slot and operate it as your normal phone.

M.R.P Rs. 1,999.00 | Deal Price Rs. 899.00 | Click here to buy.

6. PremiumAV Bluetooth Smartwatch

The best-of-its-kind smartwatch with all the features to be termed as smart. This Bluetooth Smartwatch has a provision for Camera & SIM Card Support. This Premium Quality wrist watch supports

  • Better Display, Touch Screen, Multi-Language, Loud Speaker, Microphone.
  • Compatible with Android iOS Mobile Tablet PC iPhone LG, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Sony.
  • It also supports various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, Twitter etc.
  • Using this watch you can schedule you’re your time, read messages or News, Sports, Health, Pedometer, Sedentary Remind & Sleep Monitoring.

M.R.P: 2,999.00 | Deal Price Rs. 1,299.00 |  Click here to buy.

7. Celestech Smartwatch

The most versatile product, with which you can do all the operations as you do on your smartphone. Now, there is no need to carry your phone wherever you go or you don’t need to fear of losing your phone.

Highlights: Bluetooth Support, With Call Function, Touchscreen, Watch phone.

M.R.P Rs. 1,599.00 | Deal Price Rs. 750.00 |  Click here to buy.

8. Zakk U8 S with Sim Card Support Smart Watch Black

Appearance: it has got a square shaped1.5" capacitive touchscreen with an elegant display with which you can access all the features like making calls, answering calls, send and get messages.

Compatibility: compatible with all the phones with Bluetooth version 2.0 and above.

Battery backup: It has got a decent battery backup and quick charging time of about 1 hour. The backup supports up to 2 hours of talk time, music playing capacity of 1.5 hours and standby time of about 48 -72 hours

Deal Price Rs. 1,299.00 | Click here to buy.

9. Maya Bluetooth U8 Watch Smartwatch for iPhone & All Android

  • Answer or Dial calls from your wrist, send and receive SMS, stopwatch function, it supports hands-free calls with phonebook option.
  • 1.44" Capacitive Touch Screen TFT LCD.
  • The display shows the time, date, and week and battery state.
  • It has the provision to display the caller name and number.
  • Supports latest Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • Plays music and videos from your smartphone.

Deal Price Rs. 849.00 | Click here to buy.

10. All In one Smartwatch with Sim Support

This SmartWatch is the most useful and fashionable gadget you can have. No matter your interests, it has got all the features that satisfy your requirements.

  • It is well-equipped with functions like Music Player, Alarm Clock, Camera, Remote camera, Bluetooth SMS/IM Message Notifier, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Answer Call, and Dial Call. It also supports MP3, MP4.
  • For sports enthusiasts, it has functions like Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Sedentary Reminder.
  • Specifications: 1.54" IPS LCD radian capacitive touchscreen, built-in SIM card, and TF card slot. You can insert SIM and send and read texts, make or receive calls on your smartwatch. Without SIM card, it works as a cell phone companion, receiving and making calls, getting texts via Bluetooth.

M.R.P Rs. 1,499.00 | Deal Price Rs. 1,099.00 |  Click here to buy.

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