Simple Monsoon Fashion & Beauty Hacks for Women

By Anit Jyothi George
Updated On Jun 11, 2019

Monsoon fashion tips for women

Monsoon is almost here. Of course, the season is a time to rejoice with your friends and family. But this is the worst season for the makeup and fashion enthusiasts. One needs expert tips to get 'monsoon-ready' before stepping out of the house. 

Accidentally or deliberately, we get drenched in the rain. However, don't let the rain to dampen your style. Here I am sharing some of the best beauty and fashion hacks for flawless and weather-resistant makeup and styling. 

Monsoon Fashion Hacks: 

1. Use breathable fabrics: Rain-friendly clothes take over the fashion wardrobe during monsoon. Light fabrics including cotton, chiffon, silk etc dry out quickly. 

2. Pick colours wisely: You need to avoid wearing white and shades of white as it gets transparent when wet. Bright colours like orange, yellow, red, blue, green etc. and a combination of some electric colours add charm and glow to your overall appearance. 

3. Avoid long clothes: Considering heavy rains, it's advisable to go for short-lengthed clothes as lengthy dresses get dirty easily. If your workplace or college permits, go for formal skits, dresses or other short-lengthed clothes as those are the most convenient to carry in monsoon.

4. Indian wear: If you prefer to wear Indian outfits, avoid patialas, salwars and long dupattas. Short kurtis and ankle-length leggings will work better during monsoon. Also, refrain from fabrics and prints that might bleed when wet in the rain.  

5. Jackets/Coats: If you are opting for western outfits, pair it with a trench coat or jacket to keep your body warm.  

6. No to Denims: Avoid wearing jeans and other denim clothes as they would take a long time to dry. 

7. Footwear: One cannot completely avoid stepping into muddy roads and puddles. As we know, leather footwear is not so great during the rain. Hence choose slip-resistant flats, flip flops, floaters, strappy sandals, plastic shoes or crocs. If you're wearing shoes, protect them with shoe covers.

8. Make-up: Keep your makeup minimal. Stock up waterproof makeup products. Avoid using cream-based products. Applying powder gives you a matte effect. Pick light shades of matte lipsticks. Better avoid using foundation and mascara. 

9. Hair: Don't leave your hair open. Moist and humid atmosphere make your hair go frizzy. Tie them up or make a pony or braid to avoid frizziness. 

10. Essential monsoon accessories: If you are more fashion and beauty conscious, team up your style with colourful umbrellas and raincoats


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