Mens Fashion 2018: Top 10 Accessories Every Man ought to have.

By dharma teja
Updated On Mar 09, 2018

"The soul of a man is in his clothes.” — William Shakespeare.

A gentleman’s collection of accessories reflects his ethics and work culture. Indeed, men’s accessories are what it separates a professional from normal people. Your inner perspective gets reflected in your outer appearance – the tie you use, the way your knot, the belt, the watch and the wallet you use; all speaks volumes about your spirit and potential.

Trends change from time to time, and fashion as well, you too have to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion and styles. Many men maintain the latest trends, and for some men, it is a challenge to come up with a right wardrobe. Wherever you go and whatever you do, maintain these accessories in your wardrobe. Here are the top accessories every man ought to have. 

An Elegant Watch

Here comes the first and foremost item, every gentleman should have – a watch. In today’s fashion world, a watch has a lot of importance. Many men invest in this hand accessory as it the exceptional thing that reflects their potential. While buying a watch, choose a pretty nice watch that has handsome features like leather straps, good tone, clear dials and sub dials etc.

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A Stylish Bag

A Bag is an accessory often used by many people, we carry it offices, we use it for laptops, and we carry it wherever we go. Interestingly, bags are a sign of dignity and elegance. There are many stylish and designer bags available, choose a bag that can accommodate all your essentials. A leather bag that looks decent in light colors, handy in size is a good choice as it complements your etiquette.

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A Leather Belt

A belt is not an extra item to the list, it has an extraordinary role in men’s attire. A high quality and standard belt adds dignity to your mannerism. Always make sure the color of your belt matches with the color of your shoes, it elevates your look. Choose a belt that looks dark, brown or chocolate in color – these colors highlight your shirt and trousers. You can also maintain different buckles for different occasions. Foe formal use, use the buckles which looks plain in design and for party or casual use, you can settle for a trending and stylish buckles. Click here to shop for belts at best prices.

A Quality Wallet

Every accessory mastters a lot in this fashion-conscious world. Many men take it easy in the case of wallets, it is not only for keeping money and your important cards; it is also a symbol of appearance. Many men use their mutilated wallets for days, it sends wrong signals to your counterpart. Always use a fine wallet and replace it as soon as it is disfigured. As you store your valuble cards and confidential information, choose a strong, sturdy and high quality leather wallet. If you want to buy some best wallets at readonalbe prices and offers, click here.

A Magnificent Tie

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a tie. A gentleman always maintains good number of solemn ties that matches his suitings and shirting. The selection of tie depends on occasion. For a professional look in business meeting or in office – choose a tie with single light color as background complemented by dots or stripes. It is well known fact that Navy Blue tie made of silk is the best choice for al occassions. You neednot spend lavishly on ties, buy a kind of tie you can afford. Find all the exclusive ties with cool offers and prices.

Stunning Sunglasses

Sunglasses are no more an item of affluence, it has become an accessory of modren man. If you are man of this age and want to ride on the latest trends, have a gorgeous sunglass in your wardrobe. Apart protection from sun’s UV light, sunglasses also protects you from the dirt and dust you encounter on while riding on roads. There are many genuine brands that offer stunning designs like Avaitor, Wayfarer from Fastrack, Ray-Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Joe Black, Rodies Eagle etc. Choose the one that best suits your facial lines. Grab the best sunglasses.


Thanks to the earphones, it keeps us fly in our musical world. Music has become a part of lifestyle, modern man lives with music. Music has the power to rejuvenate our energy, it brings back the lost life. If you are one of those who like to listen to music on the go – you should certianly have a standard and high quality earphones. Brands like Sony, Panasonic, JBL offer quality earphones. You can also choose headphones or headsets for quality sound. Click here to grab the best earphones.

A Selfie Stick

It is no more difficult to capture images of yourself, selfie stciks help to shoot record and capture professional videos with ease. A selfie stick is a must-have item in every men’s wardrobe. Choose a selfie stick which is wobble-free, extendable, bluetooth activated, wireless selfie stick with built-in shutter button. It is poratable, light in weight, and it even fits in your pocket. Now you can record all your memorable and funny event with your buddies.

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A Power Bank

Eventhough technology has advanced and many Smartphones are avaiable at low prices, mobile phones still suffer from the problem of battery backup. Nowadays, we use smartphones for almost all purposes – for booking, shopping, browsing, listening music, navigating, watching movies, calling, texting. So it more important to have an alternative. Having a power bank with us is a good option. Shop here for genuine power banks at afforbdable prices.

A Passport holder

Having a specially designed folder to house passport and all the related cards is quite esstential for a contemporary man. If you travel often, maintain an unique and separate passport holder. Place all your visitind cards, appointments, documents in one folder and keep it in safe and secured place. A strongly sticthed leather Passport Holder is good choice. Grab the best passport holder here.

A Pendrive

Despite using a high-end smartphones with huge memory backup, it is always a good option to maintain a pendrive. Store all your important data and keep it safe. To suit your style and trends, choose stylish and designer data-travellers. Click here to buy stylish pendrives at exclusive prices and offers.

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