How to travel well on a budget

By dharma teja
Updated On Jan 10, 2019

New places, new people and new life! There’s nothing quite equal to the joy of traveling. Everyone at least once in a year should visit a new place they have never visited before, it helps us not only to discover the way of life, cultures, and traditions of people over there but also helps us to be free from daily busy life.

Traveling acts as a medicine to the mind by relaxing and giving peace of mind and even helps us to concentrate more on your work, so once in while or whenever you get free time, take time to travel with your friends and family.

How to travel well on a budget

Well! You don’t need to be rich, you have to be smart to travel to places. This is not an age of horses and chariots, with the advancement of science and technology the world has become a global home. So, if you are able to comprehend the mechanism of travel agencies and tourism portals, you can certainly circle round the world at the comfort of your budget.  

Whoever you may be, a starter or an enthusiast, there are some precautions, let us say tips; to be taken for an effective and memorable journey; when followed gives an inexplicable experience and saves a lot of money as well.

How to travel well on a budget?

Traveling on a budget requires a strong plan which covers a lot of factors like destination, number days of stay, accommodation, mode of transport, shopping, utilities and things required and finally the most important factor the budget.

Travel is one area where we spend a lot of money unknowingly and unintentionally, so a plan in advance saves us some bucks. Next time when you plan for a tour or a visit, consider the below tips and make sure to add them in your journey plan.

Tips to follow

 1. Come up with a plan

How to travel well on a budget

Albeit traveling many times, it’s still a thrill and an adventure. You may plan for a new destination or a spot is already known, for any journey to be successful and memorable, a plan in advance is a must. If you want to enjoy your weekend or short holiday trip, come up with a plan with a destination and your budget, individual trip or together trip.

Choose the best destination spot within your budget, get some knowledge about the place and location – many sites are available to give you information on tourist destinations. Your plan should also include details of the journey, break journey, time to travel and halts and if possible have an idea of places you are traveling by and the things required.

Make sure that your plan does not have any holes. Plan all factors – destination, transport, accommodation. Have some knowledge in advance about the place you are going to visit.

2. Holiday packages

How to travel well on a budget

There are many travel agencies and tourism portals offering many services to various destinations, but the fares and packages are different. Check out for the best holiday packages available from all the online travel agencies, if not you might miss the best package available.

This is a bit tedious task – for this, you can refer to some of the best deals and coupons offering sites having a comprehensive coverage of all the travel agencies. These deals sites compare and contrast all the online travel portals and bring out the best and perfect holiday packages in advance.

Pick a package which covers all the amenities like flights, hotels, and accommodation.  This also saves a lot of time. Check out for the best holiday packages available from all the online travel agencies.

3. Mode of transport

How to travel well on a budget

Transport is one versatile factor which depends on the holiday or tourist destination you choose. Not all spots are connected by air and road. If you have decided to use public transport, plan for the routes and alternative routes and fares in advance.

Make a list of offers, discounts, coupons, and cash back on cabs, trains buses and flights from all travel agencies in line with the users of credit/debit card users of various banks. Make a list of offers, discounts, and coupons on cabs, trains buses, and flights.

4. Accommodation

How to travel well on a budget

Place of stay or boarding is also an important criterion to be considered, some packages offer combo offers on flights and hotels. Try to prefer non-tourist hotels because they charge less when compared to tourist hotels.

If possible try to share with other passengers, you can also ask the hotel management if there are any concessions available. Try to prefer non-tourist hotels because they charge less compared to tourist hotels.

5. Eat with places

How to travel well on a budget

Well! Some places are famous for certain tastes and food, generally, such type of food cost less than the food from your hotel menu. Prepare a list of place, hotels, restaurants where you can get good food at affordable prices because whenever you visit places, you certainly have to eat with the places.

This move will certainly help you to save a lot on your dining. Be friendly to the local people, and talk to them, sometimes, they will tell you where to eat and some may even offer you to stay over. Prepare a list of place, hotels, restaurants where you can get good food at affordable prices

5. What about shopping!

How to travel well on a budget

Auh! Without shopping, no journey is complete! But be careful about shopping, you might end up in spending unnecessary amounts of money on shopping. You should also consider all the online offers and discounts for the credit and debit card you are using, you might get amazing discounts on your online shopping even in far distant places.

Try some of the best clothing and dresses available at the local shops, these shops provide quality dresses at affordable and reasonable prices. Whatever you shop, decide in advance to how much to shop for. Take in to account all the offers and coupons on your credit and debit cards from various online shopping portals.

6. Sometimes out of season travel matters

How to travel well on a budget

This is a well-known fact that all the travel agencies and tourism departments charge more during seasons like festivals, holidays and weekends. Whenever you plan to go on a small tour, be smart how you travel.

To save some bucks, it better to travel on mid-weeks when you can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant journey. During peak days there will be much crowd and the fares are also charged high. Better to travel on mid-week.

7. Less luggage, more comfort!

How to travel well on a budget

Yes! Pack properly, all your clothes, accessories and all the basic things. Generally, during journeys, we pack more luggage, but less luggage gives more comfort. Pack only the things which are necessary and important to you. Pack all your things in proper bags, check whether your luggage bag and a trolley is in condition or not, if not make necessary arrangements now itself.

8. Use travel guidebooks or websites:

How to travel well on a budget

To get a complete understanding of the place you are going to visit and to avoid any sort of discrepancies and disturbance, it’s better to have a travel guide with you. These days many sites offer exhaustive information about the place, you can refer to Deal Platter for a comprehensive list of places and packages.

This fore-knowledge helps you to stay confident in case of emergency and helps you to use an alternative mode of transportation. Stay confident, use travel books and websites.

There are also other factors to be considered, but these are the basic and fundamental, however, the economy may be wobbly, but let your travel dreams be and what matters is how well you manage your budget to make it a wonderful experience.


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