How to get the best deals on Hotels and Resorts

By dharma teja
Updated On Feb 12, 2019


Do you know that different guests staying in a same hotel room share different prices? Then, how do you know if you are staying at a comfortable or reasonable rate? Fortunately, there are many ways to find out best deals on hotels and resorts, let’s dig into some of the best possible ways to grab a best deal.Hotels are the most common mode of accommodation – cozy, classic and even expensive. Notice that the prices change with domestic and international hotels, so let’s dive into some of the best hotel booking hacks along with tips to save your time and whole lot of sum.

1. Avoid Sentimentality: 

Hotel booking is an art and you are going to stay in a hotel room just for few days and you are not going to stay permanently, so let your sentiments stay behind. If necessary you can come up with feasible ones. Do you know all star hotels charge for all the products you use better not to use in-room coffee makers. 

2. Price Comparison Works:

There are some versatile online booking sites like Make My Trip, Clear Trip, Travel Guru and Ezeego which offer wide range of services. But the point is that these portals offers different deals and rates to same destination and hotels. So not only booking is important, you have to know all the offers and coupons available across all the online portals. Yes! This is a bit tedious project, but there are also some genuine and authentic price comparison portals that comes to your rescue. You can refer to Deal Platter in this regard.

3. Sniff perfect packages:

There are chances that you may get a better deal with a combo offers, bank offers for credit/ debit card users on flights and hotels. Some travel portals in association with hotels come up with splendid deals, which you may not find on hotels itself. At times, some travel agencies offer free accommodation for a night stay. You have to be smart in choosing the correct package.To get notified with all the latest offers, discounts, and packages on hotel booking you can sign into any of the best newsletters and e-mail alerts. Sign in with Deal Platter to get all the perfect packages and offers hotels, resorts etc. 

4. Extra charges for amenities:

If you got a pleasant deal on the room, be cautious that you may be charged for all the amenities you use; the hotel management records all the services you utilize and charge accordingly with or without warning. You should also notice that International hotels and expensive resorts also charge extra resort fees for a cabana or a beach umbrella, fitness facilities, the pool and even internet access.

5. It is not ironic to choose less expensive hotels:

It is human tendency to believe that most expensive hotels have all the amenities, it is ironic to believe that. More or less all the hotels provide all the amenities. The tag “expensive” comes into picture if it more popular and if VIP’s often stay there. Don’t hesitate to choose an inexpensive hotel, with all the amenities you will get a best deal in terms of prices and services.

6. Travel dates also matters:

You might be already of the fact that some hotels charge more during holidays, weekends and festivals. Before booking a hotel, take into consideration the events associated with the date.Another point to consider is that these occasions change with geographical barriers, so also keep in mind the festivals or holidays in the location where you are going to stay.

7. Booking offline, call directly:

If you wish to book a hotel room directly without the help of any online portal, then it’s better to call directly and then ask for deals and all the possible offers associated with the room. Before calling a hotel, make a list of all the questions to be asked, get them clarified one by one. Don’t be in hurry and mix all the queries.

8. Negotiation saves a lot:

It is rare that all the rooms get filled up, and if rooms are not filled, hotels with vacant rooms are often willing to negotiate, so don’t hesitate to bargain. You can also ask if you can avail free Internet, parking and breakfast or use the room of the workout facilities. Hotel management would rather like to make a little less rather than leaving the room empty for a night.

9. Room Together:

It’s just a short stay; may be for a night or a couple of days maximum. If you can share your room or if you stay in a room with another, you can end up saving half of the amount.

10. Loyalty Programs Works:

Joins hands with the hotel management, this is a simple investment of just couple of minutes, and you can avail continuing benefits. 
Some hotel managements come up with loyalty programs, you can register with them and give your suggestions and advices for the development of the hotel. Hotels give special benefits and extra discounts to its registered members.

11. Book hotel rooms using reward points:

These days everything matters, travel agencies and airlines offer reward points on the distance you travel and Nope, those miles are not just towards flights. You can also redeem your points to book a hotel room.

12. Get paid for writing hotel reviews:

You need not be a travel blogger to write a review, it’s as simple as giving your feedback. Travelers can sign up with hotel website and give your feedback and if you have interest you can also sign up with its blog and write a simple article, in return the hotel pays you or gives you reward points. So you’re actually being paid to share your honest hotel experiences with others.

13. Delete your cookies and past browsing history:

Many of us are not aware that online prices are volatile in nature and keep on fluctuate. There is a secret collusion behind these variations. Travel agencies or portals charge dynamically depending up on your past browsing history.

Never allow any website to use your cookies, when allowed the prices dynamically change according to your past spending patterns. Is you had spent more money in the past on a deal, then there is chance that the prices get increased.

Do you have an experience or a tip to share, you can comment in the space below. Found this article useful, let us know your suggestions, comments.



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