Holi special: Quick hacks to protect your skin and hair

By Anit Jyothi George
Updated On Mar 21, 2019

Best skin and hair care tips during Holi

Holi - the festival of colours - is right around the corner. As the festival involves drenching in coloured water and powder, there are a few things to be kept in mind before stepping out to play with colours. Smearing in colourful hues can damage your skin and hair. Your skin and hair may be badly affected if you don't take measures to shield them. 

Dress up smartly, shield your skin and hair to begin the most colourful fun game. Here are a few tips to get rid of the harsh effects on your skin and hair during the festival of colours: 

Skin care

Oiling: Oil acts as a protective layer on the skin. Apply generous amount of oil on your body as it blocks chemicals penetrating into your skin. Using coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil on the skin, including your hands, elbows, neck, feet and behind the ears, at least 20 to 30 minutes before you start playing with colours. Apply coconut oil to get rid of colours on your skin and hair as it acts as the best cleansing agent. 

Moisturizing: If your skin has a dry texture, then apply a moisturizer all over the body. Wait for 15 minutes to apply the sunscreen after the moisturizer has completely dried. People with oily skin type can even skip using the moisturizer. 

Sunscreen: Continuous exposure to the sun during outdoor playing can have detrimental effect on your skin. It causes skin tanning and moisture depletion. Hence, apply a thick coat of sunscreen with SPF 30, just 30 minutes before you go out. Applying sunscreen after moisturizer fully absorbed by the skin gives you great result.  

Clothing: The lesser your body exposed to the colours, the better is the result. To give maximum protection to your body, it is recommended to wear full-sleeved and high-neck clothes. 

Hair care

Do not leave your hair open. Oil your hair, braid and tie it. If you have dandruff, add a few drops of lemon juice to the oil before applying on the scalp and hair. While removing the colour from the hair, rinse it with plenty of water and use a mild shampoo. Immediately after shampooing, use a conditioner to retain your healthy hair. 

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Eye care

Your eyes need extra care and protection during this Holi. Playing with synthetic colours may cause pink eye, corneal abrasion, chemical burn, or blunt eye injury as it may contain particles of glass or metals. Instead of synthetic colours, choose non-toxic natural colours. Wear a sunglass while playing Holi. 

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Nail care

Trim the nails. Apply a thick coat of dark nail paint to prevent colours stagnating on the nails and the adjacent cuticles.  


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