10 Bollywood Superstars with Trendsetting Beard Styles

By dharma teja
Updated On Oct 18, 2018

It would be nice if there is a particular answer to every question of aesthetics. Some men like to maintain a clean shave while some like to maintain a beard. In early days it is believed that having a beard is a sign of aggressiveness, though you may have no intention. The clock ticks, the trends change and the perception of humans do.

Bollywood Superstars with Trendsetting Beard Styles

This generation has seen lots of changes, enhancements in trends, fashion, and lifestyle. It’s certainly how magazines and pop culture presents things when it comes to how a man should or shouldn’t look. In India, people look up to Bollywood town for the mannerisms and styles.  Nowadays we see many Bollywood stars maintain a stylish beard, in this scenario let’s have a look at the top 10 Bollywood superstars with trendsetting beard styles.

You might be already aware of the fact that the month, “No-Shave November” and it is followed by beard-lovers religiously. Many actors maintain a beard maybe because of a demanding character or because of their personal interests.  Beard, when maintained properly, gives you a decent and professional look. 

A research on human behavior towards a person having a beard shows that when you maintain a distinctive hairstyle people often come to the opinion that you are dominant, aggressive and matured. Hence, we will list down the actors who just slay with their sexy beard look.

1. Akshay Kumar in Classic Beard texture

Akshay Kumar in Classic Beard texture

Akshay Kumar is known for his versatile acting, his family-oriented movies are liked by all ages of people. He has a passion for dance and martial arts. His flexible body is a plus to him and action-packed movies are blockbusters in B-town. Akshay is popular for changing his looks as per the character demand in movies, and his bearded look in movie Airlift grabbed a lot of attention.

This is a classic beard look. To get this look you really have a lot to follow the state in which your hair grows. Allow the beard to grow naturally without any use of a beard brush. Let the mustache grow long and then curl up the ends for additional texture.


2. Shah Rukh Khan in Naturally Full Fledged Look

Shah Rukh Khan in Naturally Full Fledged Look

Bollywood “Badshah”, Shah Rukh Khan has a very charming personality. His movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is a blockbuster, in which he appears, as a lover boy. Also, there are many films he played special characters that nailed us with his perfect looks and acting skills. Especially, the movies like Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Chak De India not only added a feather to his cap but made him look quite hot and dominant.

This is a carefree facial hair style, with a lot of attention! The beard can be left to grow naturally, just shape the goatee with beard shaper to the outline of the chin.


3. John Abraham in Salt-n-Pepper Style

John Abraham in Salt-n-Pepper Style

Actor, producer and model, John Abraham is all in all. With his action movies, he established his mark in Bollywood. In his film Madras Café, he looks stunning with powerful appearance. The movie is a suspense thriller and was a major hit in his career, John played the role of an undercover officer in the movie, set against the Sri Lankan civil war. He got much attention for his angry young man look.

To get this look, don’t shave your beard, rather exploit it. This style suits better when you have some gray showing in your beard. The ladies love the salt-n-pepper look, so even if it is patchy be sure to showcase those areas.


4. Ranveer Singh in Manly Woodsman Look

Ranveer Singh in Manly Woodsman Look

How this chocolate boy transformed his career into a drool-worthy man is really appreciable. His latest movie is “Padmavathi”, in which he is playing a role of Alauddin Khilji the Turkic ruler of the Delhi Sultanate in 1303. In the poster released, he appears to be very powerful and decisive on the battlefield with a sword in his hands. He has surely rocked with a mustache, but what made it even sexier is the beard.

Though this classic style is mostly used by people of early ages, it is still valid today. To have this style, let your beard grow longer, combine it with thinned out sideburns. Twist the end of a mustache on the full beard. It offers style but definitely screams masculine. 



5. Hrithik Roshan in Masculine and Simple looks 

Hrithik Roshan in Masculine and Simple looks

The one and only actor who can dance to any tune is none other than Hrithik Roshan. He is the demigod of Bollywood. His personality carries a stubble look and extreme charm. His masculine body suits him to do adventurous movies. Appearing masculine and simple beard styles seem to contradict each other, but it creates classic short look that is powerful.

To make this style, go with the full beard and clean outlines close to the face. Trim the upper sides, shape the goatee to emphasize your chin with beard shaping tool.


6. Ranbir Kapoor in Messy Hair and Patch Beard

Ranbir Kapoor in Messy Hair and Patch Beard

From his boy-next-door image to messy scruffy look Ranbir Kapoor swapped his image and sported a stubble in many of his movies. Though the actor looks charming in his clean-shaven look, his scruffy look is to die for.

Messy hair and patchy beard compliments each other. Leave your beard to grow naturally with messy and spike styled hair.


7. Shahid Kapoor in Crisp, Clean, and Seriously Cute Looks

Shahid Kapoor in Crisp, Clean, and Seriously Cute Looks

Shahid Kapoor loves to experiment and try out something thing new in his movies. He appeared bald and heavy-bearded in Haider. He looks thick mustached and haired in his movie Rangoon. SK may not be a style icon, but his recent looks are definitely a trend to follow. He should certainly be your style icon – especially when it comes to experimenting with new styles and trends. 

This is the style when natural full-fledged version maintained longer time. It gives you a crisp, clean, and seriously cute look.


8. Saif Ali Khan in Thin Beards and Fringe

Saif Ali Khan in Thin Beards and Fringe

Saif can be called an ambassador of style. Born in a Nawab’s family, he never goes wrong when it comes to style. He maintains a sporting beard that makes him look royal. And he is a serious competitor to younger actors. His charm and personality add to the magic!

For this look to appear as Saif looks, maintain an extreme fringe, keep your facial hair to a minimum. Don’t overshadow the hair with other. The thin beards work wonders in this look.


9. Abhishek Bachan in Prominent Definition Look

Abhishek Bachan in Prominent Definition Look

When one of the fans asked Abhishek Bachchan about the reason behind his patent stubble look, he said that he looks immature and innocent with a clean-shaven look. Also, he explained that he hates shaving daily in the morning because of laziness. He also said that he likes to play with his beard when he feels bored with his routine. To get this style, have thicker sideburns with short hair.

This style features a prominent soul patch with hair in the dip above the lip. Let your mustache dip in the beard to bring out the definition look.


10. Aamir Khan in Full-Length Stubble Coverage 

Aamir Khan in Full-Length Stubble Coverage

From Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, to PK, Aamir Khan has done wonderful movies. All his movies cross the 100 crore club. He is often called Mr. Perfect of Bollywood industry. With his versatile action, he experiments with his body. Depending upon the character requirement, he tunes his body and hairstyles. The style maintained in this image can be termed Full-Length Stubble Coverage. This style suits those who have aggressive hair follicles.  

Let your hair grow thick, trim them all equally right down to the face. The chin, sideburns and neck area can all be stubble high. 



The Evergreen Star & Trendsetter – Amitabh Bachchan’s French Style

Amitabh Bachchan French Style

The legendary and accomplished actor of Indian cinema – Amitabh Bachchan has got more than four decades of acting experience. In his journey, he has acted more than 190 Indian films and still his pursuit of excellence is going on. He is popularly known as "angry young man" for his on-screen roles. He is also referred to as the "Star of the Millennium", “Shahenshah of Bollywood", or "Big B". More than all these titles, he is known for his French style beard.

Recently, the Bollywood Megastar shared a secret on his Twitter page about his beard, which has become a part of his look since years. Big B said that “It was only after making the movie AKS that he decided to keep my French beard permanently as his style”. “Aks” is a thriller movie released in July 2001.

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