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Deal Platter, the best online shopping partner brings you all deals, coupons and offers from across the globe to your doors. Check out for deals of the day or today’s deals on mobiles, fashion, clothing, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, cameras, laptops and many more from national and international brands and from reputed online sellers as well. Our deals are exclusively handpicked so as to provide you with immaculate deals and hence are incomparable. Check out here for today’s deals and get all the latest deals and their updates daily at


Deal is one of the fastest growing online shopping portals specialized in promoting the best deals available from all National and International brands. We act as a bridge between customers and their online shopping. Due to the advancement of technology online shopping portals have been increased in leaps and bounds. Many of them were able to meet the needs of their customers. But still there is a gap between customers and e-commerce portals. We, here at are dedicated customer-centered team; fill the gap between shoppers and shopping. We act as an interface for our customers.

In spite of huge advertisement, shoppers might not be aware of all the deals available. In today’s busy schedule shoppers might not have sufficient time to shop smartly and are prone to spend huge and unnecessary amounts of money on shopping. It would be of some help to the shoppers if they are advised about the prices available across multiple shopping platforms. With a vision to make online shopping memorable, we bring you all the latest updated on products, we compare all the prices from the available trusted sources, we hand-pick all the best deals and offers, we scrutinize them and we bring it to our customers.

Today’s Deals, the term explains itself and doesn’t need any introduction; it is a special feature of, wherein you find all the stunning deals exclusive for the day. You find hundreds to thousands of products exclusively hand-picked from multiple online retailers and brands. You can find deals from Baby, Kids and Toys, Books, Music and Movies, Computers and Accessories, Electronics, Fashion, Health and Personal Care, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Mobiles, Tablets, Sports and Fitness, Stationery, Travel and etc…You can check out for our website for all deals.

Discounts; hearing of the very term makes us happy, we feel happy when a brand declares discount on their products. Discounts are a part of shopping; shopping and discounts go hand-in-hand. Before we go for shopping it would be wiser for a customer to be aware of all the discounts available. We think the way a shopper thinks. This is the place where you find all such deals. You can see discounts up to 80% that may vary with time.

Along with this feature, go through the Popular Deals section; a special feature which is much more advanced and shows all the trending products and their discounts. Coupons Section of this site is another mesmerizing section where you find all the coupons, promo codes and offers given by banks to their credit and debit card users. We assure the genuineness and quality of our deals and offers and endeavor for that maximum strike at an offer in order to make our customer a pleased and returning customer. Our mission is to give our shoppers more choices and freedom and we travel with the customer through his or her entire shopping journey up to the final transaction.