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“Money does not grow on trees” – says a proverb in English and it is a well known fact. How would it be if money grows on trees or there is a money plant? You start planting them and feel that there would be no worries, distress and poverty. But the situation will be quite opposite to the way we imagine. Yes, there is no other way, money is to be earned.

Depending on our educational, financial and economical status we start living our way. Some of us might be employees working in either public or private sector, or might be running a business; let it be a small provisional store, or a cottage industry or a large scale industry. Or some of us might be running a franchise or we may even be the great farmers. Whatever may be our profession we all do it for money; not necessarily always. We want to earn money because it’s our culture to look after our parents, children, relatives and neighbors and for that we need money. We work day and night, all through the year; we struggle a lot to keep our families happy because it is our DNA. We earn money, we save it penny by penny for our future needs.

It’s all about money management; it’s all about spending wisely. It is inevitable that we have to spend money to purchase the necessities; we cannot expect everything to come to us without spending. But we might not be conscious of all the prices available. In today’s hectic life customers might not have enough time to shop insightfully and are more susceptible to waste large and unnecessary amounts of money on shopping. It would be of some help to the shoppers if they are advised about the prices available across multiple shopping platforms.

But it is very unfortunate that few people have good saving habits. Of course, sluggish wages, rising cost of living and the general absence of financial knowledge are some of the factors which prevent people from saving money. However, putting away a few rupees or as much as possible every month is necessary. We need a friend or a financial adviser to guide us to purchase smartly and we certainly appreciate the assistance. Deal is your friend, your financial adviser. Deal helps you, guides you, and sails with you along your shopping journey. You may sign up with deal to get latest updates and newsletter or what’s app “Hi” to 872-222-0303 to get latest deals/coupons on what’s app.

Deal is committed shopping platform whose vision is to help the shoppers to save their hard earned money. We are a dedicated team working for the satisfaction and pleasure of our customers. To fulfill our mission we came forward with an amiable web portal; wherein you find all the latest deals, prices, discounts, coupons and offers. Our devoted company collects all the deals from various trusted brands and online retailers; refines and filters them; organize them according to their category, price, brand and store. We exclusively hand-pick the best deals with mesmerizing prices. For the convenience of our shoppers we have categorized prices into 5 price tags like Rs. 99/-, Rs. 199/-, Rs. 299/-, Rs. 499/-, Rs. 599/-, Rs. 999/-. These price tags are unique to each other. This unique feature of deal enables the shoppers to experience the offline shopping in an online shopping portal. You get a shopping mall experience with deal

Rs. 99/- Store :

A knife cannot do the work of a needle. These products don’t require large amounts of money to be spent on them. Even though such products price is less, they mean a lot to us, without these products presence in our homes, we feel less; let it be bottles, stationery and office supplies.

Rs. 199/- Store :

Retailers and brands attract the shoppers by announcing huge discounts and at times we hear huge discounts in clearance sale or in festive offers. Items costing several thousands are sold at very low costs. Shop all your necessities under Rs 199/- products by brand, by category, by store and check out here all the offers and discounts.

Rs. 299/- Store :

this price tag is the most reasonable and favorable range of price to any level of customer. This price tag is not too expensive or too rock-bottom. You can find almost all kinds of categories and brands in this price tag like T-shirts, Clothing, Jewellery, Dresses, Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, Kitchen & Dining, Bags & Wallets, Grocery and etc. For all kind of categories, see categories section. All brands make their products available in this price tag.

Rs. 499/- Store :

A balanced price tag; wherein you find all national and international brands from all online retailers. Most appropriate price tag to gift your buddies; we present you all the categories from footwear to fashion, watches to wallets, sarees to skin care, Bags to bed sheets, Dresses to dust bins, bottles to bracelets; the list is endless. Check out for here for all your favorite commodities.

Rs. 599/- Store :

Deal presents you Rs. 599/- price tag. Find all range of products like watches, clothing, jeans, T-shirts, footwear, fashion, grocery, bottles, home & kitchen appliances, electronics, Books, movies, music, skin care, hair care, personal care, sarees, kurtis, bags & wallets and etc.

Rs. 999/- Store :

Deal is a ray of hope in soaring prices. We never give up our energy to pick a great deal in spite of high prices. Our team never gets tired to select the best deal because your satisfaction and pleasure is our mission. Deal presents you Rs. 999/- store with mesmerizing products along with stunning deals.

With an intension to provide standard products with dazzling offers to our customers and with a vision to give more choices and freedom to our users in shopping, deal never fails to keep its word. We support and we travel with our customers in every step of their online shopping trek. We promise for the straight-forward and legitimate deals we provide and yet we request our customers to get updated on latest trends as the prices and deals are evaporative. Our happiness lies in your prosperity. Best Buy Made Simple.