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Also called as Data Travelers, Pendrives are the most common types of storage devices. Their slim design makes them easy to carry. It’s easy to plug-and-play feature makes it easily accessible to all. Its solid state design eliminates disks that need rotate and it is free from mechanical components. With advancement in storage technology many companies have fabricated Pendrives, but not all are worth buying. Pendrives vary in data transfer rates, memory capacities, and designs. But the brands that maintained the standards in flash storage technologies can be counted on fingers such among them are Sony, Kingston, and SanDisk.

Sony is a brand known for its authenticity and hence it is voted the best brand for data storage. Sony offers very high data transfer rates with wide range of memory capacities from 4 GB to 128GB and offers its products at reasonable rates. Its stylish designs are so attractive that the first sight at them makes you fall in love with Sony; its Pendrives are also designed in various shapes. Kingston Pendrives are worth mentioning, its flash storage design history dates back to several decades. With continuous improvement in its technology and offering quality Pendrives, Kingston runs parallel to Sony and SanDisk. Its Pendrives are so reasonably priced that makes it unique to other brands. It offers Pendrives in 8GB, 16GB, 32 GB and even with more memory ranges.

SanDisk is a global leader in flash memory storage solutions that manufactures Pendrives, memory cards and solid state devices. Now it is part of Western Digital, offers Pendrives with reliability and endurance. It has good read-write cycle. Deal Platter has a good collection of Pendrives from many brands and varying prices. All Pendrives are sorted according to its brand, memory capacity and discount which help you to easily pick the Pendrives of your choice