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Netmeds: A convenient place to get medicines

Chennai-based Netmeds, an online pharmacy, delivers prescription medicines and other healthcare products across India including rural villages of the country. It ensures providing high quality medicines and other medical services. Its partner pharmaceutical companies include Pfizer, Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Sun Pharmacy etc. Online medicine buyers of Netmeds can make significant savings on every purchase with its discount offers.

Netmeds offers

Reliable healthcare service

Netmeds, India Ki Pharmacy, is owned by Dadha Group. Customers gets easy access to drug information, healthcare equipments, personal care products etc. Apart from prescription medicines, Netmeds catalog comprises fist aid products, nutrition and supplements, accu-check devices, blood glucose test strips, health drinks, fitness health products, child care products etc. Once a person becomes a Netmeds customer, he/she will get constant reminders about latest Netmeds updates.

Netmeds App to enhance online purchase

Online purchase of medicine is made easy through Netmeds mobile app. The app enables users to conveniently place the order anywhere any time. The customers need to upload the prescribiltion on the site or on the app and the rest is in the hands of Netmeds. The customer will never run out of the healthcare essentials. Anybody can download Netmeds app for free. The buyer can track the order instantly and avail reward points on each purchase.

Netmeds offers and coupons

Netmeds customers get reward points for all medicines and other products delivered. The points can be later converted into earnings. The buyer can redeem these while making the purchase in the future. Netmeds introduces a referral offer of Rs. 100 OFF when a customer refer another person for Netmeds use. Additionally, Netmeds provides discount offers, coupons, promo codes, 5% discounts on non-prescription products etc. Deal Platter regularly updates its page with latest Netmeds coupons and other best deals. Search for the best Netmeds coupons on Deal Platter and place your order. Enjoy 100% value for your money on Deal Platter.