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Exclusive Laptop offers Online at Best Prices on Deal Platter

Choosing a Laptop that complements your requirements according to your budget can be a Herculean task. Online shopping market is crowded with lots of variants of Laptops which will leave us in the middle of the pool. To address this issue, Deal Platter presents you a mechanism with which you can easily browse through all kinds of Laptops like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Apple and etc. If you want to buy a laptop in your budget adjust the Price column and check for discounts, we are sure you will find your kind of laptop.


Are you planning to replace your age-old Laptop? Or do you wish to buy a new laptop? Or are you looking for some latest updates and technology? Want some best deals on Laptops. Deal is designed exclusively for you; it is a fast growing website pioneered in picking the best of the best deals from various brands and online retailers. Deal Platter gives you amazing offers and discounts.

Laptops change from time to time, its technology changes, price changes, and its design changes; whatever the change may be there are some brands that maintain the customer’s satisfaction. Dell is a brand that is more sought in laptops. Whatever may be your purpose; personal or official, Dell has a version for you. Its laptops and notebooks are found in various versions like Vostro, Inspiron, Latitude and Alienware (gaming purpose) and these products are found in prices ranging from Rs 10,000/- to 2,50,000/-Rs. You can find the best buy with all features around Rs 25,000/- to Rs 40,000/-.

HP laptops also have a good share in the market for its versions like Pavilion and detachable PC; detachable PC is first of its kind in laptops. With high end processors and peripherals with support to all features, the best buy of HP is Rs 35,000/-. Laptops like Acer and Lenovo are more than just laptops, with their remarkable features they stand out of the line. With sleek and slim design and with vibrant colors, Acer and Lenovo attract the users. Not only these features; but also other features like gaming, graphics make them to be loved by all. You can find the best laptop with all specifications around Rs 30,000/-..

Last but not the least, Apple; it needs a special mention. Powered by sophisticated processors, with in-built graphics cards, large RAM and stylish design; Apple laptops have a great demand in the market. Laptops with touch screen displays and LED displays are a trend in Apple. Even though its prices soar the best buy can be found around Rs.60,000/-.