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Top online deals/discounts/offers/coupons on Kids Watches

Deal Platter presents you immaculately handpicked kids’ watches both analog and digital with stunning deals and discounts. Here you can find various types of watches such as watches with designs of cartoons, straps with vibrant colors, different shapes and sizes. Time management should be taught to children at a very young age; it helps them to balance their schedule. It would be better if we provide our children with a watch at an affordable and reasonable cost. Today, many types of watches are available in market from many brands and from online sellers. Deal Platter is particular in providing the best deals because we believe kids too need the latest trends in vogue. If you are planning to buy a watch for your kid, check out here to pick a best buy.

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Today top online deals in Kids Watches, discount offers along with coupon/promo codes and bank offers:

Product title Discount (%) Deal price
Ziera Analogue White Dial Girl'S Watch-Zr08019 for Rs. 389 81 % ₹ 389 (₹ 1,999)
Buy Eleganzza Analogue Black Dial Women's Watch - S001Black from Amazon 55 % ₹ 449 (₹ 999)
Buy Xeno Analogue Chronograph Silver Metal Silver Dial Watches for Boys from Amazon 71 % ₹ 359 (₹ 1,249)
Get 72% off on Rizzly Set Of Two Combo Watch - For Boys 72 % ₹ 249 (₹ 899)
Buy DK Analogue White Dial Girl's/Boy's Watch- dk0816 from Amazon 10 % ₹ 319 (₹ 355)