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Reliable & affordable online car services

Travel and transportation are two interlinked terms. As the demand increases, people travel from one part of the world to other, between cities or even between places in same city using different modes of transportation. Many people opt for booking cabs to fulfill the local and long travel requirements. There exits several online cab booking agents for creating a most comfortable travel experience. Leading services include OLA, Uber, Meru cabs, easycabs, Savaari, zoomcar and bookmycab among others.

For many people across the country, hiring cabs for short or long travel needs has become their part of life, providing most economical way to travel between places at their convenience. Leading online cab booking platforms like OLA and Ubar enhance mobile app based booking, giving a hassle-free rides. special offers and discounts are exclusively given for the app users.

Carpool feature

Many app based cab booking services can enjoy the carpool feature, enabling the commuters to share the ride in a single private vehicle. This mechanism runs on route matching algorithms and pool rides in a single car with fellow passengers who travel in the same route. OLA, Uber, Meru cabs etc have already introduced the carpool system.

Advantages of booking cabs online

Earlier, booking a taxi was one of the biggest challenges as it required calling or directly going to the travel agency and bargain for the fares. As the time evolved, many successful online cab booking services have been introduced in the industry such as OLA, Uber, Meru cabs, easycabs, zoomcar, bookmycab etc. A few advantages of booking cars online are:

  • Affordable cost
  • Book a cab anywhere, anytime
  • Saves time
  • Experienced and reliable drivers
  • Ensures safety before, during and after the ride

Discount coupons, cashback offers and more

Do you depend on cabs to go for a weekend movie? Do you hire a taxi to go to meet a friend or for shopping? Do you look for cabs to reach home from airport? The major online car booking agents provide exclusive discount deals, cashback offers, free ride coupons and many other exciting deals. Why to waste your money? This time when you book a cab, have a look at Deal Platter to know the latest cab booking offers and deals. Enter the drop point and book the ride. Apply your coupon code on Deal Platter to avail the latest discounts.