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Today top online deals in Books, discount offers along with coupon/promo codes and bank offers:

Product title Discount (%) Deal price
Buy Self Study Guide for Online BITSAT 2017 for Rs. 510 36 % ₹ 510 (₹ 795)
Flat 36% off on Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Tests For Admission into IIMs 36 % ₹ 510 (₹ 798)
Flat 21% off on A & P Textbook Of Microbiology Paperback (English) 9th Edition 21 % ₹ 610 (₹ 775)
Buy You are the Best Wife : A true love story  (English, Paperback, Ajay K Pandey) from Flipkart 55 % ₹ 78 (₹ 175)
Inner Engineering- A Yogi s Guide to Joy for Rs. 207 31 % ₹ 207 (₹ 299)

Thanks to online marketplaces, shopping for books and movies has become a more common and enjoyable experience. You have hundreds of thousands of brand new books from booksellers around the country. In addition to printed books, you have DVDs, CDs, maps, eBooks, calendars and much more.

The inventory of books online consist of Fiction, Classics, History, Science, Children's Books and even Textbooks that cover a broad spectrum of subjects. Companies like Flipkart and Amazon offer their range of books for reasonable prices backed by prompt delivery.

Customers can order a number of books or movies at once through convenient and safe electronic payments. Right from the moment you place your order, you can track same until it reaches you. Not just that, shopping online for books offers the benefit of reading reviews, customer ratings, recommended reads and promotional information.

If looking for exciting offers and hot deals on books or movies, visit Deal Platter. You can avail hot deals, redeem coupons and get discounts on books, all in a single platform. Deal Platter offers a plethora of options to help you enjoy bargains. Now you can easily compare books on leading e-tailers and get the one with the lowest price tag.

Books, Music and Movies

Books, Music and Movies