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Pampers Large Size Diaper Pants (68 Count)

Deal Price :  Rs. 599.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 949.00

Mamy Poko Pant Extra Absorb XXL Size Diapers (22 Count)

Deal Price :  Rs. 425.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 499.00

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper - Large Size, Pack of 62 Diapers (L-62)

Deal Price :  Rs. 632.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 930.00

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper - Medium Size, Pack of 74 Diapers (M-74)

Deal Price :  Rs. 678.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 930.00

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper - Extra Large Size, Pack of 54 Diapers (XL-54)

Deal Price :  Rs. 651.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 930.00

Pampers Medium Size Diapers Pants (80 Count)

Deal Price :  Rs. 711.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 949.00

Pampers Extra Large Size Diapers Pants (44 Count)

Deal Price :  Rs. 497.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 674.00

Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera (72 pcs) (Pack of 3)

Deal Price :  Rs. 275.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 297.00

Pampers XL Size Diapers Pants Monthly Pack (84 Pieces)

Deal Price :  Rs. 980.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 1,499.00

Huggies Wonder Pants Medium Size Diapers (72 Count)

Deal Price :  Rs. 637.00
M.R.P:  Rs. 890.00

Diapers are the most essential things in a baby’s life; the starting days of baby are spent on diapers. Parents must be cautious in choosing diapers. They have to precisely understand the materials used in making of diapers and they must estimate the side effects of those on the skin of their babies. There are two types of diapers; one is disposable and the other is reusable. There are other points to be noticed like diapers’ absorbing hours, stinking nature and leaking. So, if you are planning to buy for a kid's diaper online; which is very soft and comfortable to your kid, you can check out the Deal Platter to get various collections and to buy diapers online.

Improper usage of diapers may lead to itching and rashes on the tender skin of babies. Or even diapers made from chemicals may even to lead to hazardous conditions. Selecting correct diapers means giving good environment to babies. Babies with good diapers can play in comfort and even sleep in peacefully. Not only diapers helps children it also helps parents in their travelling and parties. You can find baby diapers online in various colours and sizes. Some diapers come with inbuilt baby body lotions which help in protecting the skin of your baby.

Think twice before buying your kid’s diapers; so when you are going to buy a diaper, go for some well-known brands, which will ensure the quality and longevity of the products. Deal Platter helps you in choosing various kinds of diapers for babies from many well-known and trusted brands like Huggies, Mamy poko pants, Pampers, and many more. We compare prices and offers from various trusted online sellers like Amazon, Hopscotch, Firstcry etc., from a wide range of inventory. Search your products by price, by discounts, by stores, by brands and also get customer reviews.