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Air conditioners, popularly known as AC, are equally important for homes and offices. The number of people who cannot live without the support of an AC is on a rise. They need AC in hotels, rooms, vehicles, office—at almost all places they go. Furthermore, many are there who live in unpleasantly hot environments, want to get the comfort of air conditions. This, AC units are becoming part of daily lives, and have been providing a great experience for people, ever since its inception.

The best air conditioners not just cool the interior air, but improves the air quality. Modern AC units are equipped with anti dust filters that do not encourage pollutants from interior parts of homes or offices. Manufactures like Voltas, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Blue Star, Godrej etc produce superior air conditioners. Shopping an air conditioner is a smooth process now as many online retailers sell different types of units at lower price. Deal Platter brings a list of best discount offers on air conditioners. Now, browse for the best model at best price.


Air Conditioners: Beneficial addition to homes and offices

Room air conditioners are the best energy efficient solution for cooling the interior air. According to reports, over 6.5 million AC units are sold every year. Whenever the temperature goes up, people search places to chill out. Today various brands launch energy efficient Air conditioners that are exclusively designed for Indian customers, in an effort to meet the consumer needs. Apart from providing a cooling effect, modern air conditioners from popular brands feature air purification and humidity control. Popular brands like LG, Samsung, Voltas, Blue Star etc bring air conditioners at affordable price.

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Shop for the best Air Conditioner

People depend on air conditioners when the climate is unpleasantly warm. Today they have become a common gadget for homes and offices. Manufactures like Voltas, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Blue Star, Godrej etc bring the energy-efficient air conditioners in the market. There are a few important aspects to be considered while buying an air conditioner:

  • Energy efficient: An energy-efficient AC unit is important when electricity rate goes up day by day. Check for the energy efficiency ratings (star) before making the purchase.
  • Capacity: The capacity of an air conditioner is measured depending on the floor size of a room.
  • Best price tag: The price of an air conditioner varies depending on the star rating and other features.
  • Maintenance: In order to keep the best condition, ACs need to be serviced regularly
  • Window AC or split AC: Normally, window AC units are available at cheaper price. On the other hand, Split ACs have advanced features and quieter in performance.

Advanced features

Nowadays, most of the air conditioners available in the market support dehumidification. When it starts operating, the unit automatically reduces the humidity in the air. While increasing the cooling effect, it offers superior comfort lever for the people. Before blindly landing into the purchase, it is always recommended to check the noise level of the model. Sleep mode can adjust temperature for night. Most of the ACs are equipped with auto restart feature that helps users to restore the last setting followed by a power break.

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There are numerous air conditioners are available in the Indian market from popular brands, giving the customers a variety of options to choose from. May units are available at lesser price. As per the need and budget, customers can choose the best one after comparing various models. Look for Deal Platter to know the latest discount coupons, cashback offers and other deals for air conditioners, review the features, compare the price and make the decision to buy the best AC unit at lower price.

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Buy Whirlpool Magicool Copr Window AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White)(2016-17 BEE Rating) for Rs. 26499 31 % ₹ 26,499 (₹ 38,500)
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