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Pepperfry - a very famous and fabulous online shopping portal is one stop destination for your home needs. It is also very popular store with millions of customers and products to choose from. It is not an exaggeration to say that for every 25 seconds it sells a product and the reason is its attractive coupons and best offers. Its an online store devoted to the provision of optimum-priced furniture and home merchandise across India. Pepperfry is specialized in Furniture, Décor and Lamps, Bathroom accessories, Furnishings, Kitchen and Home appliances, Dining, Hardware & Electricals and Gardening etc. Pepperfry is so active that its products get sold in fraction of seconds, so when you plan to grab an offer from Pepperfry, go through all the exclusive deals selected from Deal Platter. Check out here for best prices and offers before you fill your cart.

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Pepperfry is an online store devoted to the provision of optimum-priced furniture and home merchandise across India. From its incorporation in January 2012, Pepperfry has grown by leaps and bounds to occupy the coveted position as the leading online destination for the purchase of furniture and home decor products.

Pepperfry boasts stocks of more than one million that covers a broad range and is placed to fit every possible taste. In May 2015, Pepperfry successfully fulfilled a million customer orders. It has over 17 fulfillment hubs that ships items to 1000 plus cities across the country.

Pepperfry works closely with thousands of merchant partners and aids them in exhibiting and showcasing their various design skills, quality workmanship and service orientation to customers in India and the world at large.

An added advantage of shopping with Pepperfry is the unending supply of coupons to help reduce the cost of product purchases. Keeping a tab on all these discounts and coupon codes can be a task that a lot of people are not well cut-out for. It was to address this very concern that Deal Platter was created. Visiting our website you can get access to a variety of ongoing discounts and deals that can help liven up your shopping experience.